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MS acquires ActiveViews April 28th, 2004

Vinod Kumar

Very very interesting headlines. This acquisition is to maximize on the BI service of SQL Server 2000 on Reporting Services. Check the cover story at crn.

 Speaking at the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2004 in Chicago, Bill Baker, General Manager for Business Intelligence at Microsoft, announced that Microsoft has acquired ActiveViews. Read the Press release version from MS.

Check out this product tour of theirs. Looks very much in-line to what SQL Server Reporting is to offer. Hmmm … I just start wondering … !!!! Well forget it :) …

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Objects & Values April 28th, 2004

Vinod Kumar

This is a good old 2 part article, by Ted pattison, on value types and reference types.

Part I

Value Types.

Deciding btwn Classes and Structures.

Cloning Objects

Part II


Managing Object Lifetimes

Object Finalization.

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