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MSDN @ Campus report October 1st, 2004

Vinod Kumar

It’s been an exciting trip to down south, been hot off-late with patches of rain. But when I landed in < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Madurai it was pretty warm and sunny. Not a surprise for me at this point of the year. I landed on Wednesday morning for a session at TCE on Thursday early morning. Being my home town I had enough time to catch up with all my relatives the day of landing.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Well, I had to start early morning of Thursday towards the university. I didn’t have much of expectation from a government college. But the surprise in store was great. I reached the college campus and was wondering where the hall was. But I saw a good crowd down the corridor of the Main campus building. I did make a good guess to this should be the auditorium I had to go.


I entered the hall to find it was a good, completely air-conditioned, well arranged hall with nice podium etc. Impressive!!! I was excited to find such setup in a government college for sure. We had a 3 Part session. First, I had a introductory session on .NET followed by Kaushik (MS Student Ambassador) on End-to-End programming in .NET and to wrap the things up we had Kevin with a talk on Developing Mobile applications with VS.


The response was great as far as I saw. We had approximately 175-200 people attending the session. As far as I can recollect we had students from 5 colleges:

·         Thiagaraja College of Engg.

·         SACS College of Engg.

·         PTR College of Engg.

·         American College

·         KLN College of Engg. 


The best part what I feel is we had the HOD of IT Department, Dr. R. Rajaram attend all our sessions. It’s a very unlikely site generally in any event. We had a complete Q&A section where the students asked from basics to advanced queries on .NET and allied MS technologies. It was a treat to be part of that group. And the best way to pull more crowd interact we distributed some goodies in the form of Express Edition CD’s and .NET C# Primer books. I was happy to head back home Thursday night, but there have been 2-3 requests to have more such sessions in a formal or informal manner in the future too. A promise that I could make with pleasure.

Had fun nevertheless. Catch the snaps at the “Session Snaps Section” …

PS: I seem to be in full josh today, signing off reports one-after-another:). Let me prepare for the UG session tonight on Recompilation and Execution plans. Catch you.

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Support Tools Available For Stress Testing & Performance Analysis October 1st, 2004

Vinod Kumar

This download provides two main tools used by the Microsoft SQL Server Product Support teams, Read80Trace and OSTRESS.

Read80Trace is a command line utility for processing trace files generated by SQL Server 2000.

OSTRESS is a multithreaded ODBC-based query tool. It reads its input from a command line parameter, RML file(s) produced by read80trace, or standard go-delimited .SQL scripts.

Download it from MSDN location

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One year completed!!! October 1st, 2004

Vinod Kumar

As I sit at my office desk to release the next version of the product that I work with, I just came to my blog to pin down some of the facts this Oct means to me. I know this is very important for me !!!

Same time last year I became a MVP. It is a memorable moment for me surely. But having said that, I have learnt a lot from this program. To sum up my feelings of this program. Its a great program from what I see. I have enjoyed every bit of it and will continue to hit the roads with full energy as this marks the second year in continuation. Its not a dream but a reality if you did aspire to become an MVP. Taking sessions, blogging, webchats, webcasts, technical writing, maintaining site … Every bit of it had a share for the success story.

Second thing that I see is significant starting this Oct is that this marks one year of my Blogging too:). I used to think what do people blog, how they blog, where is the info flowing etc etc. But after starting to blog is when I realized this is a world by itself. People recogonize you from your blog. Fabulous. Hope I try to keep this blog rolling and active as much as possible. And I do feel you must be enjoying as you read mine …

Officially to speak, my site was launched Sep ’03. So this does mark one year and a month of this rollout. I am also excited to share this news. I am excited in a way to have this site rolling. Have go great response from all. Monthly newsletter, articles, articles and more articles :). More than 4.7lakh page views do say a lot. Thanks all. Do visit if you have not.

So thats about it for my side. Do drop in your comments if any.


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