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CLR Team into blogging May 9th, 2005

Vinod Kumar
The CLR Team has started blogging and Balaji has got a nice article to start off with.

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Connected Systems Kit Announcement May 9th, 2005

Vinod Kumar


The Connected Systems Kit includes resources to help align your IT with your business. Fully based on currently shipping products and technologies, the kit enables you to evaluate Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) on the Microsoft platform by providing customer evidence, analyst evidence and surveys, business value resources and a detailed technology drilldown into building Connected Systems. In a nutshell, the kit helps you make Connected Systems and SOA a reality within your enterprise.

Who is it for?

Architects: the kit provides training resources and best practices in Connected Systems, SOA, SmartClients and more to help Architects steer the technical direction of their organization towards business goals

Developers: the kit offers detailed hands-on technical training and a complete end-to-end sample application that you can leverage for your projects.

IT Professionals: the kit provides resources to help understand on the impact SOAs and Connected Systems have on the Enterprise

Business Executives: who are looking to extract more value from current IT investments. The kit includes several resources and customer case studies to help guide these investments and to see what others have been able to do for their business results using the Microsoft platform

What’s included in the kit?
* Hands-On Technical Training on Connected Systems
* Generico – a SOABlueprints based, interop oriented, end-to-end sample application showing a typical enterprise implementation of SOA. The sample includes extensions for Smart Clients and Devices.
* Presentations (video & powerpoint) on Connected Systems for Business Decision Makers, Architects, Developers and IT Professionals
* Customer evidence, Analyst evidence and Surveys
* Microsoft Enterprise Development Series whitepapers

Where can I get it?

You can order the kit directly at , or ask your microsoft representative for a copy.

Hands-on Labs

We’ve also made the training included in the kit available as hosted hands-on labs. These labs are a convinient way to get hands-on with Connected Systems concepts, and the Generico Sample Application without going through a full install process. The labs are available at:

There are 4 individual labs, viz.

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Coding 4 fun May 9th, 2005

Vinod Kumar

Cool site where students can code for specific applications, games etc and have fun … Watch it here.

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