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TechEd: 3 down 2 to go !!! June 27th, 2005

Vinod Kumar

Yup, as per my itinerary I am now on my way to Bangalore. I write this blog entry from Mumbai airport. Oh boy !!! Watta rain in Mumbai. I never thought this would be the case … Anyways something to cheer about and something nice to blog too. Let me jump into some of the interesting stuff that you people can also read.

As you would have seen on my previous post, I had 2 sessions (SSIS and Partitioning) and a Deep Dive session on SQL Tools. Till date at all the cities these sessions have been jam packed and this is something I loved the most. This is primarily because almost all these sessions have been super duper interactive:). This makes my life easy and I love Q & A mode of sessions very much. The overall ratings over the sessions have also been encouraging nevertheless. I suppose the topics we choose for the DB track have been a big success I think ;).

We had TechEd in Bangalore at the Grand Ashoka, Taj in Chennai and Reneissance in Mumbai. Beautiful hotels and huge infrastructures. For once I saw rains hit the hot and humid Chennai City. But the surprise in store was something unexpected. I was roaming over air in Mumbai before landing as there had been heavy rains in Mumbai.

The questions in Chennai crowd has been nice and people have been very open on their views. I loved the partitioning section as this was new to the entire Indian crowd. And this has been the jam-packed sessions for me. I will write more on the some of the common Q&A people asked me at the various cities later in a different post.

I just thought its time to keep you updated and get the blog rolling.

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