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Enterprise Library 4.1 October 31st, 2008

Vinod Kumar

Enterprise Library is a collection of reusable software components (application blocks) designed to assist software developers with common enterprise development challenges (such as logging, validation, caching, exception handling, and many others). Application blocks are a type of guidance encapsulating Microsoft recommended development practices; they are provided as source code, tests plus documentation that can be used “as is,” extended, or modified by developers to use on complex, enterprise-level line-of-business development projects.

Whatz New?

This release of Enterprise Library is a service release that includes the following:

  • Unity interception mechanism and integration of the Policy Injection Application Block with the Unity Application Block
  • Added support for generics in the Unity Application Block
  • Added support for arrays in the Unity Application Block
  • Performance improvements
  • Usability improvements to the configuration tool
  • Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 support
  • Bug fixes 

Some Links:

       read the Introduction to the Enterprise Library;

       download, compile and run the QuickStart samples—study the code;

       read through the related QuickStart Walkthroughs and “Key Scenarios” sections of the documentation;

       practice the Hands-On Labs;

       review the source and unit tests for deeper understanding;

       view webcasts on Enterprise Library and Unity, review demo code.


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