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ZoomIT V4.0 from SysInternals September 9th, 2009

Vinod Kumar

I do a lot of these presentations and many times I use some zomming tools to show the code and explain the concepts. And a number of times people have come back to me asking what that tool was …


No rocket science :) … I have been using ZoomIT from Sysinternals for ages and I still love using them because of the simplicity and the ease at which I can turn them on. Few weeks back I got to see the updated version of the same online from Mark. The photo maybe shows some of the capabilities for me to use Arrows to point at a text, create rectangles or circles to highlight certain sections and best part is I can also write free text easily in this Zoomed size. Press ESC and everything else vanishes and we are back to normal view. Awesome tool and I highly recommend.

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