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NuPack and jQuery Releases October 9th, 2010

Vinod Kumar

clip_image002NuPack is a free, open source package management system for the .NET platform that makes it easy for developers who use Visual Studio 2010 and WebMatrix to incorporate third party libraries into their application during development.  This is the first project of its kind at Microsoft where we are actively taking contributions from the community.

Visit the homepage for NuPack

Scott Hanselman blog post introducing NuPack

Video: Using Windows Azure Storage in WebMatrix via NuPack in 3 minutes


clip_image002[5]At Mix 10 in March, Microsoft announced that it was to start contributing code to the jQuery open source project. On Monday MS announced the first "commit" to the project by added jQuery Templates, Data-linking as official plugins to the library and Globalization as a contribution to jQuery UI. This announcement compliments Visual Studio 2010 which provides fantastic support for jQuery out of the box as well as ASP.NET MVC which ships with the library too.

Scott Guthrie’s on Microsoft committing code to jQuery

Web Camps TV Episode on Microsoft contributing to jQuery

Boris Moore on using jQuery Templates

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