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SQL Server Interview Book November 3rd, 2011

Vinod Kumar

Yes, author finally and officially for a Print book on SQL Server – You guessed it right (subject says it all). And I don’t have words to quite explain what it feels like now. Thanks to all my readers who made it possible for me and supported me till date. Not to forget Pinal Dave, who has constantly pushed me to lock the content and more importantly getting this book released on my Birthday – Thanks again buddy !!!

Check Pinal’s Post today on release of this book announcement.

Interview on book release:

Thanks Lohith (twitter: @kashyapa) for helping with this interview and publishing it over your channel. You really rock !!!

Why this book?

The concept of SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers is something popular on Pinal’s blog in the electronic format, but having something in the print format with content updated for the current generation till SQL Server 2008 R2 was something we took on. We felt this will be really useful for both people attending interviews and also taking interviews :). Hence the birth of this book with close to 70-75% new content that is not on the blog but part of the book.

It has taken us close to 5-6 months from conceptualization, outline, content generation, technical edits, proofing to publication. With 3 other technical editors who have done a fabulous job, this is now a cool content. We are really happy with the final output with a lot of pointers to detailed explanations !!!

Final words

This book will surely be educational and a great quick reference if you plan to take an interview. I wrote an exclusive Page to talk more about the book specifics and where to get it. The page also talks at length on what to take care while writing a resume. So happy reading :) …

Book Details : Landing Page

sqlinterviewTitle: SQL Server Interview Questions And Answers

ISBN: 1466405643 ISBN-13: 9781466405646

Dimensions: 9.02 x 5.98 x 0.43 inches

Where to get the book, here are your quick links –

USA: Amazon

India: Flipkart

eBook: Kindle (Released)

Free Sample Chapters Download (Released)

Drop us a line / comment about the book. We love to hear each and every feedback that comes from the community.

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