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15 Days–Book release recap November 17th, 2011

Vinod Kumar

Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer. – Barbara Kingsolver

The work that goes behind planning, preparing, writing, reviewing, tech editing, publishing, printing books – as an author this is such an enriching experience and to see when the book lands into hands of public I have no words to describe my feelings. Incase you missed the context of the book – read my post here.

First sign

Not that I was keen in doing it this way, well my friend who got this book in hand insisted we sign the first ever copy. Thanks to all who have got the book in hand. So if you do posses a book in hand, just bump into me at any of the community event I am speaking and will be more than happy to get candid feedbacks from you.

Feedbacks are pouring from all sides and we cherish with close attention to each and every one who is writing back to us. We respect you taking time reading our book and most importantly writing back to us with that same zeal and enthusiasm. We have captured our understanding and our intent has been first to share what we know and we are also students like each and everyone out there. (Thanks Pinal Dave for taking this moment of a lifetime)

Demystifying Intent

As we started writing the book, it is quite a controversy people always confronted us with – this will become like a brain dump to clear interviews. On the contrary, we don’t claim you will 100% be able to clear ANY interview by just buying / reading the book. The format is like a Interview style – just like science, fiction or management style books in the market.

This book is like a guide rail to:

– help you prepare for a potential interview

– Quick refresher on concepts while working with SQL Server

– This doesn’t entail you from giving a practical experience working with the product but more based on our experiences

– This surely isn’t exhaustive of all the areas inside SQL Server

– Great start for SQL Server Relational Engine basics

– More so it gives you a structured path to read and brush up concepts

Just like I started, this is a guide rail but to reach from destination A to B you will need the engine and the fire power to drive your way to the destination. As much as you can read the content, we highly would suggest please try them out. There is no substitute for real world experience.

The book has long way to go if you are on a specialized role working on a specific area of SQL Server. We haven’t covered at length around SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Data Mining, Tools, Scripting, MDS, Stream Insight, SQL Azure, High-Availability Options etc. Each of these are potentially a content for another 200+ page book all by each topics.

Things to look out

As much as I sound it is basic, guide rail etc. The niceness for me with the book when we were writing are:

– Don’t forget to read the tips almost on every other page. This has interesting trivia.

– Do read the “Points to Ponder” section end of each chapter. Those will also give you interesting read.

– We added close to 3-4 page of General Best Practices as a preview to what we intent to write next (maybe :))

– Have got feedbacks from people that the “Common Tricky Questions” Chapter is something they love reading and found it challenging.

So there is so much hidden interesting trivia’s not to be missed as a quick reference.

Book made me proud – Really

The first day (actually my B’day) when we announced the same, was just praying hope atleast 1-2 copies sell on the opening day. To our surprise we sold more than a 3 digit sales and were out-of-stock at FlipKart in less than 36 hours. So much of love and support was literally mind blowing – Thanks to all.

We got the second set of stocks (more than double of initial lot) and even that almost got out-of-stock in close to a week. So as per sales we topped the charts at FlipKart as the second most selling books – the only Technology book in the Top 50 books sold at FlipKart. As of now we are on their homepage … And FlipKart is giving 25% discount (not sure for how long though) on our book.

Final words

Just a “Thank you” will not sum up all that we feel about the book. But more than anything else it is the support and love you have shown us is overwhelming. Keep those feedbacks coming and we will make sure these are incorporated as soon as possible in the next print for benefit of other readers.

Where to get the book:

USA: Amazon India: Flipkart

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