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SQL Saturday 116–Thanks ALL January 11th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.  ~William A. Ward

We have no words to express the experience of the First ever SQL Server Saturday in India on Jan 7th here in Bangalore. The response from the audience has been second to none and we enjoyed every bit of the interaction we could get. There were many Firsts to this event and I thought let me call them out clearly here:

  1. 2 Technical Tracks – 6 sessions each
  2. 3 Deep Dive SQL Clinic Slots
  3. 3 Book Author
  4. Microsoft GTSC – Deep Dive practical track
  5. 1 International Speaker from US
  6. 2 Mega Halls of 100+ capacity (Almost full house)
  7. Attendees from different cities (Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Mysore etc)
  8. Lots of networking and interaction time with the experts
  9. 1 Book Sponsor (Joes2Pros, with learning book to every attendee)
  10. 1 Learning partner (Pluralsight, free week subscription)
  11. 1 Technology Partner (Telerik)

SQL Server Saturday 116

I had my session on “Security with SQL Server- Discovering Pitfalls”. Most of the concepts around the security did go well, the last demo glitch I had was I was not creating the Master key for my database for the Signed module demo. If you are interested, just make sure to attend my session in an UG and get to see what I am talking. I think there were parts of the sessions that made each one of you think around some of the security concepts and the Separation of duties framework. It was really a lot of fun for me to deliver this session to you folks. Thanks for being patient with me :).

Thanks again to SQLPASS, Sponsor, Microsoft GTSC Team and managements to make this event what it turned out to be. Would also want to take a moment to link those who took time in writing a small write-up over their respective blogs –

  • Lohith – perspectives from a speaker
  • Sudeepta – perspective from a volunteer / attendee
  • Manas – perspective from a volunteer / attendee
  • Varun Dhawan – Perspectives from an attendee

Thanks folks and don’t forget to drop your blog over the comments. SQL Saturday rocks and it is going to be fun replicating and surpassing what we have set as standards for ourselves with SQL Saturday.

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SQLSaturday #116–My session January 4th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

What a nice way to start the New Year 2012? We will be hosting the first ever SQL Saturday #116 in India here in Bangalore on Jan 7th. With just 2 days to go, I am super excited to speak at the event.

The Technology Evangelism within me will never die and love to be with you folks in every opportunity I get. So the new year and SQL Saturday #116 was such an incentive that I thought I shouldn’t miss the request of applying for a session. I am really glad to hear that the SQL PASS chapter folks were kind enough to accept my session.

Security with SQL Server – Discovering Pitfalls

The session that I plan to deliver will be a dry topic around security. This is the second time I thought this will be interesting to talk on this very topic because it allows me to innovate something new and interesting that people will find interesting. The previous time I talked around Security was at TechEd India 2011 which I still remember was a houseful session with some really interesting demos. Even this session that I plan to discuss will on some common interesting practical problems that an administrator will need to tackle day-in-day-out.

  1. Have you ever thought of the concepts around “Principal of least privileges” inside SQL Server?
  2. Do you use an administrative account to access SQL Server?
  3. How do you prevent access of SQL Server and data from Administrator?
  4. How will you prevent unnecessary access to SQL Server and restrict with just the enough permission for an Administrator for the activity that they need to do?

If you are grappling and thinking on these questions, don’t forget to attend my session on Jan 7th at SQL Saturday #116, India at 2:30PM IST.

Some really cool and interesting demo’s available to enthrall you for close to 60 minutes. I will also give away couple of my books during the session if you answer correctly or manage to stump me with a witty tricky question on SQL Server :).

What else to expect?

Since this is the first ever SQL Server Saturday event in India, there are some interesting lineup of speakers and content up for grab.

  1. SQL Clinic Introduced: As the GTSC Team says – “We love the challenge of new problems that we have not seen before and derive immense amount of satisfaction in helping someone resolve a tough or difficult issue involving SQL Server! If you have a specific problem to solve, it helps to bring the details. ERRORLOG files, error messages, specific query syntax, or details of your environment. The more background context you provide us with, the more we can narrow down with our suggestions. No presentations, just some serious troubleshooting and on-the-spot assistance from 2:30PM IST – 5PM IST under the Practical track.“. In this session meet the real experts from the SQL Server team available for you exclusively at the event. Don’t forget to do your homework on the SQL Error you want to discuss with the experts. As I hear there will be people from SQL Server Engine side, BI, Reporting etc.
  2. Two awesome Technical sessions lined up. I will be at the Community track with Rick Morelan is founder of Joes 2 Pros series, Lohith, Pinal Dave and Balmukund.

With the whole event already overbooked we are excited to meet you all at the event. If you want to drop us a line, please feel free to use the #SQLSat116 tag over twitter.

If you are planning to be at this in-person event, you must be registered already on the SQL Saturday site, else entry will not be guaranteed.

Check what my friends Lohit, Pinal Dave, Amit Banerjee have to say in their respective blogs about this event.

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