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What do you look for at work? January 16th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life – Confucius

What does experience teach you? I think the priorities to get a job and do as you wish at work keeps changing. It is a wonderful tussle we have in our minds that it is often confused and messed up. Here are some of my thoughts around this topic. Not that everyone finds a sweet spot when it comes to a “dream job”. Though a dream job is always a moving target once we reach a particular state, it is important to have some clear expectations within us when it comes to seeking a prospective job too.

Find below some of my perspectives on what I personally think can make a big difference when it comes to life at work. Do these sync with the perspectives you have?

  1. Chance to use skills to grow – This is critical aspect because I have seen some good friends of mine, just switch once they get stagnant in a single place with nothing to grow. This I thought was worth a mention.
  2. Chance to do something worthwhile – Second thing that comes to mind are a constant struggle to do something new every time. Yes, routine work is essential but people keep looking out for some new technologies to get hands-on and explore and quench their technology hunger.
  3. Feeling respected – As much as recognition is the much needed energy at work, getting that respect from colleagues is very essential for a healthy environment.
  4. Friendly environment – I have seen many look at what is the organizational state. Rumors, partiality, exploration, flexibility and many more attributes almost make or steal a potential workforce. I can’t emphasize more on this concept.

I remember a conversation I was having with a family friend and a senior executive in the Financial industry around the concept of generation divide when it comes to work forces. Interestingly, this internet based era when tries to sync with the pen/newspaper/NEWS era generation it just makes it even more interesting. Are the rewards, returns and their needs same or different?

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work – Aristotle

I think the one big difference that younger workers have is the desire for instant gratification and reward. I know some of the older, want the feeling of respect and a sense that they are accepted by their younger peers and less about the instant gratification. Many older workers look at doing extra as just part of the job getting done while the younger worker wants to be rewarded for doing the extra. These differences in thinking and attitude is what sometimes makes managers and HR’s split their hair :). Which category are you – remember recognition is different from rewards?

We pretend to work because they pretend to pay us :)


Have a positive attitude towards life at work. Don’t try to expect too much and get disappointed eventually. There is more to life and you can make the change to go where you want to. So stop cribbing and make immense with what skills you have.

I would love to hear from your experiences too. May be I am myopic and missing some of the obvious.

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