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TechEd India 2012: SQL Content Extravaganza March 16th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

Alt-FixWith the TechEd India 2012 fever getting hotter day by day, we are just T-5 days away from the event. We thought we will talk about some of the content that is getting lined up from a SQL Server perspective. There are 2 main tracks on SQL Server on Day 1 and Day 2 where you will also get a chance to meet me too. My co-author Pinal Dave is taking the battalion of driving content for these tracks this year.

We also have a Data Track under the Architecture track and we will talk about it little later blog post. A teaser about the Architecture track session from MTC is available here.

What to expect?

In this post, let me walk you through some of the sessions lined up around SQL Server as the content is getting rehearsed and frozen the speakers are doing really a great job. Don’t miss the opportunity.

  1. T-SQL Rediscovered with SQL Server 2012 – This session is going to bring some of the lesser known enhancements that were brought with SQL Server 2012. Can tell you with confidence that the session is loaded with tons of interesting Demo’s.
  2. Catapult your data with SQL Server 2012 Integration Services – Some of the content covered will be as per the Books-Online, but knowing Praveen for close to a decade, he is surely going to mesmerize you with some interesting insights on SSIS performance too.
  3. Processing Big Data with SQL Server 2012 and Hadoop – Stephen known for his mind blowing demo’s and on a content that is lesser known, this is going to be bring out the nuances of why “big-data” and show you some practical usages of these concepts. I wrote about Big Data and MS story in a blog post.
  4. SQL Server Misconceptions and Resolutions – This is a session I am truly looking forward to meet you folks in-person. We plan to show close to 10+ misconceptions and showcase with demo in this session with Pinal Dave. If time permits, we are going to show you more content. I will be the time keeper to make sure none of the misconception takes more than 5 mins – we are setting aggressive deadlines to keep the content crisp, interesting and interactive.
  5. Securing with ContainedDB in SQL Server 2012 – Contained databasesare an interesting addition to SQL Server 2012 and it opens up some interesting scenario’s for application deployment administrators need to know while developing applications. We will show how to move databases and the related artifacts across servers and Contained Databases enable this option.Now to look at what is lined up under the SQL Server – Administration track lined up on Day 3. This lineup is going to be fun and power-packed in my opinion.
  6. Peeling SQL Server like an Onion: Internals Demystified – I have writing about this extensively on my other blog post and will not try to repeat it here. But I am super excited about this session content where I talk about some Memory Internals at length.
  7. Speed Up – Parallel Processes and unparalleled Performance – This session is done by Pinal Dave and I just got a chance to review the content to see an amazed 40+ slides and 7 rocking demo about parallelism. Pinal has blogged about a teaser for this session over his blog.
  8. Keep your database available – AlwaysOn – Balmukund will be doing this session and will show this new addition to SQL Server 2012 arsenal. You can see some really solid content from the CSS team on their blog too. Availability groups, Listener, Clustering, Failover, Read-Only replica etc all will be demo’ed in this session. This is really heavy content not to be missed.
  9. Lesser known facts about SQL Server Backup and restore – This session will be done none other than Amit Banerjee. He has already blogged about this and this topic is going to be interesting. A successful restore strategy for applications is as good as their last good known backup. Amit will demystify some of the common myths and demonstrate some interesting demo.
  10. Top 5 reasons why you want SQL Server 2012 BI – Business Insights with SQL Server is a critical building block and this version of SQL Server is no exception. Praveen plans to take a tour of some of the BI enhancements introduced in the new version. A truck load of content to get compressed inside a 60 minutes window.

Also to get to know from the SQL Server Track Owner Pinal Dave – Also visit his blog where he talks about the Misconceptions session.

Also TechEd India 2012 has a Live streaming of some content and this can be watched here. The TechEd Team is planning to have some really good exclusive content in this channel as well.

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