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SharePoint 2010 Resources to Bookmark June 19th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

sharepointI know this is not the usual post of my techie but I thought this is worth a post based on some of the bookmarks available with me already. Can become an interesting and handy reference for sure for folks out there.

I just mentioned over my twitter (@vinodk_sql) about this awesome resource to start: SharePoint 2010 Resources for IT Professionals. This is like the root that I want to mention first and then take you through some of the detailed content that is available from there that you can use.

Beginning with SharePoint

Getting Started with SharePoint 2010 for IT Pros (Webcast Series)

  1. Part 1 – What Can SharePoint Server 2010 Do for Me?
  2. Part 2 – How SharePoint Server 2010 Works
  3. Part 3 – Simple Install for Testing in SharePoint Server 2010
  4. Part 4 – Search in SharePoint Server 2010
  5. Part 5 – Backups in SharePoint Server 2010
  6. Part 6 – Creating Your First Web Application, Site Collection and Web in SharePoint Server 2010
  7. Part 7 – Getting Started with Security in SharePoint Server 2010
  8. Part 8 – Windows PowerShell for SharePoint Server 2010 Administrators
  9. Part 9 – Tools to Optimize the Performance of SharePoint Server 2010
  10. Part 10 – Introduction to Upgrade in SharePoint Server 2010
  11. Part 11 – Service Applications and Topologies in SharePoint Server 2010
SharePoint 2010 Advanced IT Professional Training (Webcast Series)

Core Architecture of SharePoint 2010

  • Lesson 1: Understanding SharePoint 2010 Topology
  • Lesson 2: Planning and Leveraging SharePoint 2010 Service Applications
  • Lesson 3: Business Continuity Management Features in SharePoint 2010

Security in SharePoint 2010

  • Lesson 1: Using the New SharePoint 2010 Security Model – Part 1
  • Lesson 2: Using the New SharePoint 2010 Security Model – Part 2

IT Pro Management in SharePoint 2010

  • Lesson 1: Managing SharePoint 2010 Customizations for the IT Pro
  • Lesson 2: IT Pro Tools for Customizing SharePoint 2010

Upgrading to SharePoint 2010

  • Lesson 1: SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Overview
  • Lesson 2: Preparing to Upgrade to SharePoint 2010
  • Lesson 3: Testing Upgraded SharePoint 2010 Solutions
  • Lesson 4: Implementing and Validating Upgrade Plans for SharePoint 2010

Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2010

  • Lesson 1: Search Capabilities and Features in SharePoint 2010

Content Management in SharePoint 2010

  • Lesson 1: Document Management Capabilities and Features in SharePoint 2010
  • Lesson 2: Records Management in SharePoint 2010
  • Lesson 3: Governing Content Types, Policies, and Taxonomy Services in SharePoint 2010

Composite Solutions in SharePoint 2010

  • Lesson 1: Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010

Communities in SharePoint 2010

  • Lesson 1: Using Social Capabilities in SharePoint 2010

Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010

  • Lesson 1: Business Intelligence Features in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Online Overview

  • Lesson 1: SharePoint Online Overview

SharePoint Documentation

When I meet customers I get a lot of queries regarding some of the implementations and nuances. Trust me almost 80-90% of the time it is the official documentation site that gives me the answer and not the internal distribution lists. The following top-level link is for the SharePoint Tech Center on TechNet:

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint Online Forums

Microsoft maintains an active community of SharePoint professionals who regularly post questions, answers, tips, and general information related to SharePoint. This is also an place where most of the best MVP’s and the support engineers hang around to help customers, partners and enthusiasts who work on SharePoint. This is an excellent way to become familiar with the professionals in the SharePoint community around the world, ask your own questions, and learn more about SharePoint:

SharePoint 2010 Forums

Microsoft SharePoint Certification

Microsoft offers several certification tests related to SharePoint 2010.  These tests contribute to the certifications listed under the “Credit Toward Certification” section listed for each test below:

Exam 70-667: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring

The minimally qualified candidate typically:

  1. Is an IT administrator who implements and maintains SharePoint Online or an on-premise deployment of SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1.
  2. Is proficient with IIS 7.0, DNS, Active Directory Domain Services, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as these technologies relate to SharePoint.
  3. Is proficient with the infrastructure and security of Windows Server 2008 or later.
  4. Has experience with business operations for IT, including data backup, restoration, and high availability.
  5. Has experience with Windows PowerShell 2.0 and command-line administration.
  6. Has a basic understanding of single sign-on and Active Directory Federation Services 2.0.

Exam 70-668: PRO: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator

Candidates typically plan, design, and maintain:

  1. Physical topologies and services architecture
  2. Disaster recovery (backup and restore) and availability
  3. Infrastructure capacity (users, licenses, and topology)
  4. Farm performance and availability
  5. Migration, coexistence, and upgrade  
  6. Security and compliance requirements
  7. Information architecture (interprets taxonomy)
  8. Information search strategy integration with other data sources (LOB, third-party products)
  9. Client application services deployment

Exam 77-866: SharePoint 2010

Candidates for this exam are users who provide structure for information, extend out-of-the-box site features, solve business problems through composite applications, and facilitate collaboration with other site users. Users perform all site user tasks. They optimize Web Part pages for team use by adding and configuring Web Parts from the Web Part gallery. They customize dashboards to target the information presented. Users focus on adapting SharePoint sites to their teams’ needs and improving productivity.

Exam 70-573: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development

A Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development should be able to perform the following tasks:

  1. Write code that extends SharePoint 2010
  2. Add and support code to an existing project
  3. Write code for and test custom features in a SharePoint solution such as a Visual Web Part or Event Receiver
  4. Implement a solution designed by lead SharePoint Developer

Exam 70-576: PRO: Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications

The candidate is responsible for designing custom code for projects that are deployed to SharePoint servers. This includes technology selection across the many ways to build code in SharePoint, ensuring the team development environment is configured, creating a strategy for code deployment, versioning, configuration, or structure. The candidate also leads a team of SharePoint developers, has at least two years of SharePoint development experience, has at least three years of ASP.NET development experience

More Training Locations to Bookmark

These are few more locations that are worth to book are:

Introductory Developer Training for SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Course

Developer Overview: video that shows some of the great new features for building custom applications and components in SharePoint 2010.

If you are Upgrading from SharePoint 2007:SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Resource Center.

To setup the environment on your machines: setting up the development environment for SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2010 101 Code Samples – Great download to learn the tricks

SharePoint 2010 Advanced Developer Training – Another set of videos to look for.

Finally, the Microsoft Certified Master certification also will be available for SharePoint Server 2010. For this certification, you must attend the training program and complete three weekly exams and a qualifying lab exam.

Hope you will find these set of links and resources useful and will bookmark for future reference. Please drop a line if you would like to see more of such consolidated lists of links from my useful links sections :).

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