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Career Management – Look within July 24th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

One of the hot topics searched to reach my blogs seem to be on Career Management and I figured out there aren’t many blogs on this very subject that I have written explicitly. There are blogs around personal development and that is how far it gets. The first step for me in any career management is to look within yourself of your own strengths and weaknesses before taking a call on how you want your future to be. These look like profound statements but there is so much simplicity to the whole concept – trust me.

Stand up and Own your mistakes

We all are bound to make mistakes, the problem lies in not making mistakes but trying to cover up the mistakes. Even businesses make mistakes and the faster they react to the mistake and take corrective actions – the better it is. Look at the businesses around and see how they react to these mistakes – take it as an experience and do course corrections or do they find ways to blame. That is how the dynamics work. On a personal note – stand up and take responsibilities and analyze why it did happen logically – not emotionally. You will move places and you will be adored by your people around you.

Get your guide

Everyone needs help and getting a right mentor to help you navigate your career is critical. Find this suitable person within the organization or even outside who has an unbiased opinion to share and who is willing to listen and give you constructive feedbacks.

Track your accomplishments

If you have gone through couple of performance reviews in your organization, you are now aware how hard it is to track what you achieved over the past 1 year – forget your complete career :). Mark the accomplishments that build a personal brand for yourself. What matters to the businesses are how measurable these are, how they benefit the business and finally shows how you went beyond your role in delivering the accomplishments.

Find your strengths

Most of the people managers or reviews revolves around what your weakness are. Even though I subscribe to the school that knowing your weakness is important, it is not important to work on your weakness in the expense of your strengths.

Manage your time

Too many tasks in your calendar and not having enough time for you means there is something missing – you need to rehash and get organized. In this era, there will always be work more than the time you have got. Manage a simple to-do list and organize time for yourself, projects, personal time, family time etc. Everything needs a slice and so will your career. If you need to go from A –> B in your career there are competencies you need to build and these need to be factored.

Career management and company priorities are different

Be cognizant of the fact that you decide your career. The fundamental reasons why you might want to do this are – Companies think in achieving their objectives and look for people that fit the position they have. It has ideally nothing to do with your aspirations and career management needs. If they coincide, well you got lucky and it is an accident.

Understand that companies can fire / layoff anyone anytime, companies get sold to another company / acquired, companies reorganize (ReOrg) their people to fit their requirements. So keep an open mind on your career options and path.

Life is tough and in this journey get used to enjoying your work !!!


In this world of corporations, know why you work for the place where you work. This has to be answered by you. Look at your resume and try to answer some of the critical questions of why did you make career changes, what were the motivations and did you make a conscious informed decision when you moved from one place to another.

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