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Be happy– A-Z mantra September 18th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

What can one innovate when it comes to defining happiness? Well, here is a simple shot in understanding like a child from A-Z. You not only inherit insanity from a child, you also need to understand how happiness is defined by the simple things one uses from a child. So here are my generic take and a simple post with simple things we can do to be happy. I know the list can be completely different for you and feel free to share if you would like to add more.

A Accept the present and be realistic.

B Be bold in your decisions, be considerate too.

C Create something innovative and exciting.

D Decide your own future.

E Exercise daily.

F Face your fears and emotions.

G Give / Share, be it knowledge or happiness.

H Help others whenever possible or opportunity presents itself.

I Ignite the passion within and explore new horizons.

J Jump outside your comfort zone.

K Knowledge never goes waste. Learn something new every single day.

L Laugh out loud and enjoy the moments in front of you.

M Make clear goals in life. Be realistic and optimistic about achieving.

N Never give-up on your efforts.

O Observe the world around you.

P Paint your future by living your dreams.

Q Quit the bad habits that affect you.

R Risk are good provided you are completely sold on what you are doing.

S Smile at people, the best gift you can give to others every day.

T Thank people for what they do for you.

U Unleash your strengths. No one succeeded by just working on their weaknesses.

V Visualize the dreams come true.

W Write your thoughts and Walk for a healthy life.

X Xerox your passion as you talk with others.

Y Yield to your thoughts.

Z Zero the negative emotions. Be positive.

I know these are simple concepts and we accept it. Sometimes, it is nice to become a child and learn them all over again !!! Feel free to pass me your comments.

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