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Writing–what goes behind my mind? April 8th, 2013

Vinod Kumar

Recently I was questioned by someone asking – what literally goes behind my mind when I start writing for blog and more so for books. The question was simple but yet got me thinking hard. I thought to pen them down and give some simple tips that I would suggest people while writing. Writing is different from presentation skills and that is different from being able to articulate on a given subject. Though these tips are a great start, there is no substitute to being consistent. Only practice will get you seasoned and that is your best way to learn things.

Writing in general requires a mindset that we need to be prepared for, you need to have it as an habit. What you write is something for a later discussion. I do recollect writing a Blog post around “Why do we blog?”. Even though I have managed to publish a book, I don’t quite yet consider myself as a real writer. There is tons to learn and many a miles to go for me individually too.

There are no set rules or guiderails to become seasoned writer. So here are some tips that come to my mind as you embark your journey to becoming a writer.

  1. Have an open attitude and be curious in exploring your subject.
  2. Hear the feedbacks and make sure to take the learnings back.
  3. Don’t turn away any form of criticism.
  4. Keep validating your assumptions.
  5. Write to stimulate the mind.
  6. Don’t shy away from getting out of your comfort zone.
  7. Think like a reader when you start writing.
  8. Share your experience in short para’s.
  9. If you are not sure about something, accept you don’t know and refrain from being an expert in it.
  10. Every experience can teach a lesson, so don’t dismiss them.
  11. Being yourself is important. Don’t try to be someone else.
  12. Don’t do a B grade job, if you are not happy – Don’t publish.
  13. Who said writing is an art. Once you get used to it, it is like talking with a friend on the online world :).
  14. Try to keep it simple. Keep sentences it short.
  15. Limit on the adjectives – express the concepts clearly. Let the readers put a suitable adjective.
  16. Don’t overwrite, make it a comfortable read.
  17. Set some uninterrupted time aside for writing.
  18. You need to get the flow in your head right before starting / writing a single word.
  19. Start with stories or nice metaphors to get your readers attention.
  20. Have a nice caption. It has taken me years and I am still learning this.
  21. Put your heart into your content, let it speak and beat than mimicking someone else.
  22. Try to make lists, bullets and headings to make an easy read.
  23. Make it long enough to cover the concept but short enough to make it interesting.
  24. Write what works for you and your readers.
  25. Write with the flow first and then look for inaccuracies.
  26. Keep a schedule for what you write, this creates consistency.
  27. Make a note of ideas that come your way. Chip them one after another.
  28. Force yourself into a habit. I do it 30-60 mins once in 3 days. You can have a different schedule.
  29. Start writing ahead of time and don’t force something to be published. You don’t need to be perfect, but you don’t need to rush it out either.
  30. Have basic word limits. I know a friend who always write minimum of 500 words in every blog. That is so tough.
  31. Add emotions and life into your stories.
  32. Write without distractions around you.
  33. Read as much as you can. This gives you an idea how others write and think.
  34. Make your own unique style. You don’t need to be like others.
  35. Never trust what a spell checker does. It can be crazy sometimes :).
  36. When in doubt, omit the sentence.
  37. Try to read out what you wrote and you will find the mistakes.
  38. Allow your mind to go all over the place as you write. You will become creative for sure.
  39. Don’t wait for ideas to come your way. Write them as it comes.
  40. Don’t miss the opportunity to read your comments, there is a treasure of wealth that can inspire you with some great ideas.

So here are my Top 40 tips to writing. I am sure this is not complete or comprehensive to what you have in mind. But this can surely be a great start if you are into writing. Thanks again for reading this far and I hope you will get inspired in writing more and more. Feel free to drop a line if you have learnt something.

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