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Checking Emails–Boon or Bane December 3rd, 2013

Vinod Kumar

In the enterprise, the first application to get launched is the Outlook. We have a natural tendency to catch up on our emails first thing we reach our offices. This is no different for most of us reading this email. Recently, I have moved away from a smart phone to a basic feature phone. There were a lot of learning for me personally. The number of times I started to look at my phone reduced considerably. Secondly, I stopped looking at social network updates often and I started to get a lot more time in my hands. It was a great feeling. This blog post is not about moving away from smart phones :) … After close to 3 weeks like that, now I am back to my smartphones but I have a strict regime on my working habits. I thought it is worth sharing over this blog.

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days ― Zig Ziglar

How many of you reading this blog have the syndrome of endlessly checking your emails, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc all day? This in concept doesn’t seem to be a problem, but these habits can disturb our life around us. The feeling that we get out of this is all illusion – trust me.

  1. What we ultimately have done is spending our energy on wrong things that don’t warrant our attention. Doing so we start procrastinating and neglecting the dreams we have in front of us to achieve.
  2. Getting hooked onto the social media excessively sometimes feels important or makes us feel important. But when you look back in couple of years or even couple of months down the lane you will know they were never truly important. So don’t get lost in the pseudo busy schedule artificially created by you.
  3. Spare yourself of anxious thoughts and getting stressed unnecessarily. The more you check emails, the more you get nervous of pending activities, the more we get angry or disappointed of tasks ahead of us.

These are all habits – I did write about Habits – change them “if required” and can be a good recap. So how can we change our habits. Here are some simple tips for you.

You can’t get attention of one who focused on himself ― Toba Beta

First would be to become conscious of what you are activities. I have always questioned the status of why I do a task. Earlier I had a natural tendency to watch my mobile for time. I switched that option off and now I tend to look at my wrist watch for time. Doing so I am not tempted to look at other reminders. We need to stop being impulsive in our approach. Other approach is to open your emails once in an hour and check. I have seen folks who open the emails once in the morning and then later in evening to clear up mails that warrant their attention.

Always as a question, what could happen if you didn’t check your facebook now? The same can be true for emails. Don’t be afraid something will go bad just because you don’t have your emails open. Don’t let your overthinking mind control your fear to be paranoid. Whenever the instinct hits you to check mails, pause a moment and think of the work you currently are doing and get back to it.

Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else – Fred Rogers

As discussed above, set your own timezones to do each activities of FB, Mails etc. How many of you have put your smartphones out of reach in your evening times to spend time with family? Did you see your child play with interesting things. These dedicated times to do specific things – one at a time be it family or official can make you productive to the next level.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin ― Mother Teresa

Have a plan in place – make your day filled with important and exciting things that you want to achieve from the day rather than just jumping to your emails every half hour. Close your email client and schedule checking them once in couple of hours.

This blog was inspired with the fact that life is full of excitement and checking emails aggressively can sort of replace the quality time that we might have spent by going out and having some great time filled with experience.

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