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SQL Server 2014: CREATE INDEX in CREATE TABLE construct April 2nd, 2014

Vinod Kumar

This is one of the simplest post that I could think for the mid-week post :). There is nothing big about this feature to talk but surely worth a mention. I was reading the documentation of CREATE TABLE in SQL Server 2014 and saw an extension now available to create indexes as part of the construct inline with the same command. I know for folks who use keyboard and not the UI, this is a great boon.

A simple construct will look like:

CREATE TABLE dbo.myTab1 (

col1 int not null,

col2 int not null,

INDEX myTab1_col1_col2 NONCLUSTERED (col1, col2)



This for me was a nice T-SQL extension and worth a note. Do check the CREATE TABLE documentation for more information and options available.

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