Do you have the Momentum? January 12th, 2008

Vinod Kumar

Are you interested in evaluating latest of Microsoft products? I would like to include esp:

  • Windows Server 2008 – AD, Virtualization, Virtualization, IIS 7
  • System Center
  • SQL Server 2008

Feel free to drop me a line and secondly, you must be from India because I will be able to help you then only :) …

What can you get !!!

  • Opportunity to learn the new technology
  • Access to exclusive forums and product support
  • Have an opportunity to share your experience with the world-wide community

What can your company see as value ?

  • In-depth technical content
  • Managed forums
  • TechNet Subscription
  • PSS support
  • Lastly, help from me :)

BTW, you become a hero to try and get first hand experience of the software before the final release. And personally, you get an opportunity to communicate with the MS folks on a one-on-one conversation and the exposure this gives you is quite unique.

Action Item:

If you or your company are interested to pilot / try the above products. Mail me at [ITPro (at)]. Dont think, ask your manager and if you are from India – Drop a line NOW !!!

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2 Responses to “Do you have the Momentum?”

  1. vinodkumar says:

    Haresh – Just drop me an email (ITPro [at] and I will take this forward.

    Vinod Kumar

  2. Haresh says:

    Hi Vinod !!

    I would like to evaluate SQL Server 2008 .


    Haresh Prajapati

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