Longhorn, XAML and more … November 15th, 2003

Vinod Kumar

Missed the PDC event and very far off from the action place was something I had in my minds till last Saturday. I got my first chance to look at LongHorn at out India MVPs – Advocates Day. A short preview of how Longhorn was … Looks cool by feel by the footprint of memory and processor … Whew that was too much to ask … I understand the product is evolving and at the Alpha stages we shouldn’t build our expectations this high … :) Search on the net gets us tons of resources and here are some technologies and pointers …

More on XAML (the Next Generation), post by Moise …

Download diagrams of Longhorn Architecture, WinFX, and an early snapshot diagram of the WinFS Schema.

Don Box on building a Hello World in XAML

5 families of Avalon Elements

Bakup Items on WinFS

These are just few of the many threads on the internet … Get zapped by XAML …


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