Microsoft Licenses XML Schema For Office 2003 Documents … November 20th, 2003

Vinod Kumar

I was just expecting this soon … And it is right in front

If you are not sure to what I am talking. Then look into the new feature of Office 2003 to store documents in an native XML format. These schema’s are different and used in almost all the office tools as Word, Excel, InfoPath, Smart Tags … All are basic XML Schema formats …

Now this takes us to an interesting twist. This is something I’ve been thinking for quite a time now. If I need to automate at the server side of any office product (say a word document) and send the updated document across to a web client. This was a pain in the previous versions. Now if I were to do the same with an well defined schema. I can easily transform my existing XML data to a more understandable WordML format and push the same across to the client using a simple XSL. If this is that easy and less costly when compared to instantiating a Word COM component, then how will the licensing work. Does it mandate that I need Word licenses at the Server also ? Or I need just Word licenses at the client who access them ? I am yet to read the EULA and the other licensing documents of Office … But will be keen to knowing these also …


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