CHECKSUM and TempDB April 22nd, 2010

Vinod Kumar

I just finished my sessions last week at TechEd India 2010 but during the session as I spoke about Recovery and Consistency of data with SQL Server and the enhancements of SQL Server 2005 adding CHECKSUM to the database, I found not many to know its importance. There has been an enhancement to SQL Server 2008 specifically around this which I thought is worth a mention over the blog.

The database option page_verify_option can be set to CHECKSUM in tempdb database starting with SQL Server 2008. This is a great enhancement that can be leveraged while troubleshooting unexplained behavior that involves tempdb.

For new installations, the page_verify_option is set to CHECKSUM by default for tempdb as well as other system databases. For upgraded installations, the page_verify_option is set to NONE by default. There is a PBM policy that checks this and I recommend you to turn this on.

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3 Responses to “CHECKSUM and TempDB”

  1. vinodkumar says:

    @Phani – Glad you liked the session. The PPT will get uploaded onto our TechEd site by next week. Anyways, here is a versioon available for your viewing –…/sql-server-query-optimization-execution-and-debugging-query-performance

    Thanks for dropping by @Sathya.

  2. Sathya says:

    Hi Vinod,

    Nice piece of info.


  3. Phani says:

    Thanks Vinod for sharing this. Request you to share both slide decks which you presented along with the sample scripts that you demonstrated during the query tuning session. They were really helpful and I am very much thankful to you for the content presented in the session.

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