3 things we can do today October 22nd, 2011

Vinod Kumar

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.

Given the way we keep running, life can really be hectic, demanding, busy and overwhelming. We need to be control over the peace we can bring to our life and make small yet smart changes to keep this equilibrium. These are my top tips and do send me your feedbacks as I would like to learn from your experiences too.

Solve the problems today

Face your problems dont facebook them as this is not getting you any closer in solving this. No point in procrastinating, solve problems then & there and move forward. Atleast that relieves you off all the stress and sleepless nights. You probably know the solution, just you need that extra step to move on.

Take a break

You have many options here- read a book, meet a friend, watch a movie, play with your kid etc. It works wonders as it releases pressure and relaxes the mind. Slowing down sometimes doesn’t mean you are quitting, it just means you are going to do it perfectly with lot more thought behind it.

Declutter your mind

I generally like to be organized and hate randomizations (not that we have a choice in real world). Reorganizing at work space, home and everything you do can bring a lot of order to the way we execute things. Write them down and go ahead one-after-another. Life around you demands a lot of attention and cannot be easily ignored.

This list can be long, but taking steps one at a time is important. So do share me your mantra too.

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3 Responses to “3 things we can do today”

  1. Pinal Dave says:

    Solve the problems today
    This is seriously very important topic. I agree.

    Take a break
    It is important when we take break – we indeed take a break. I stopped keeping my celphone around me when I am watching TV or playing with my daughter.

    Declutter your mind
    You may want to write a blog post about this subject in detail regarding how one can do it. I know I can put things in writing – as visual technology will help me stay more focused and organized but just like exercise, we all like it but do not do it!

  2. Hello Vinod Sir ,

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sometime due to overflowed ambitions , we forget to pereceive other important aspects of life.

    I really liked 2nd point put by you that “Find time to Break “. However what if you dont have friend ? dont have kid ? and you dont like Movies as well then with whom one should be taking the break ? :):)

    Your first point is the key sir . ” Do it Now ”

    Thanks for sharing and looking very forward to see more blogs [Motivational] like this from your pen ..

    Dhananjay Kumar (@debug_mode)]

    • Vinod Kumar says:

      Dhananjay – Thanks for dropping a line. Understand taking a break can be as simple as spending that much needed time with Parents, cousins, niece, grand parents, Uncles, aunts, in-laws etc. Dont say there are no friends – there is always someone around whom we forget to notice or forget.

      Have a great day buddy !!! You seriously need a break I think :)

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