SQL Interview Quiz Part II January 23rd, 2012

Vinod Kumar

As you must have already seen that the first set of questions were out last week, the quiz continues for this whole month and we have exciting content coming your way as part of this quiz. It has been an attempt to expand on the principles our book – “SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers” brought to the table. With close to 22 days of quiz already over, I think we are hitting a new high – participate and win the Nokia Lumia.

Day 11: Non-Clustered Index and Automatic Rebuild. Hint over Pinal’s Blog (here).

Day 12:  DACPAC and SQL Azure. Hint over Pinal’s blog (here)

Day 13: Table Variable Vs Temp Tables. Hint over Pinal’s Blog (here)

Day 14: Case of SP RECOMPILE. hint over Pinal’s Blog (here)

Day 15: Difference between CHAR, VARCHAR, NVCARCHAR and more. Hint over Pinal’s Blog (here)

Day 16: CHECKPOINT and Recovery Models. Hint over Pinal’s blog (here)

Day 17: Ways to create Constraints. Hint over Pinal’s Blog (here)

Day 18: Resource Database. Hint over Pinal’s Blog (here)

Day 19: MERGE Vs other methods. Hint over Pinal’s Blog (here)

Day 20: Access XML Datatype. Hint over Pinal’s blog (here)

If you get over the blog for the hints and then give the questions a shot – well it is a give away actually for these questions. Hope you are having fun. Cheers and keep learning something everyday !!!

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