Longhorn a longwait ? December 15th, 2003

Vinod Kumar

Catch a recent thread on informationweek, analysts say it is going to be a long wait till they see the RTM of Longhorn. And I personally feel this is just a speculation. MS has tried to get the delivery on time, and they are working towards it … But I hold no comments on the expectations people have started building …

Longhorn is big and it is going to hit the market bigtime … There are so many people here out at India who donot get to see the Longhorn bits. They keep asking “Has MS revealed it too early”. Not so I suppose. We need to understand that this is the first ever time that a Alpha of OS been exposed to us this early in the product life cycle. This allows us to think ahead and build technologies and applications that are for the future and which are compatible to the promises that MS gives for Longhorn … There are millions of app developers, device driver coders and so many ISV’s that want to know this … Thanks to MS for giving us a glimpse of the same.

Having said that lets not get into conclusions of the future of Longhorn or try to derive architectural decisions … Lets take the technology as it comes and give constructive feedback back to the system so that we get to build an OS that aids to our needs and requirement …


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