Madurai .NET Student Chapter Inaugural Meet … December 23rd, 2003

Vinod Kumar

I was off to my home town and hence this looong gap. But there is a bigger update to the community work I am into.


Yes, indeed we had the first DotNet Student Chapter user group at my hometown this Saturday (20th Dec ’03). And I managed to address this first UG meeting at the Information technology department at TCE (Thyagaraja College of Engg.). A fantastic setup to have in any university. The IT department has this cool Lab completely air-conditioned, projector (I never expected a PPT presentation is possible at a Govt. univ), big white boards and markers and around 30~40 IBM Netvista systems with .NET framework and VS installed … Good setup indeed, I do see more potential for .NET projects from such universities now. 

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Let me talk to you about the meeting next. The meeting went like a gem. The session was two and half hours long (a surprise for me when I saw my watch at the end, we manage to do this every time J). And I suppose this session went as great as planned. But the plan was made just a couple of hours before the meeting. I had nothing in mind till the morning I landed. But the agenda I had in my mind was just taking its shape as the final moments came closer. I started with .NET basics and all the concepts and jargons that confused students. And there were a couple of interested students who came up with questions. Having said that, there weren’t many … L … Then I took them around the Microsoft Office 2003, SQL Server 2000 (something closer to my heart) and whole lot of future technologies, with a one slide intro to Longhorn and allied technologies (I managed a slide to pull out all the product names to be released by 2006). Oh boy, weren’t they delighted …


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