Picture Post: Social Networking Depression October 15th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

This picture post is a refection to how many of us are into the so-called Social Depression syndrome. A detailed post will surely follow, but here is a typical pattern of us accessing the social sites. Added to this, our interactions and curiosity to check the # of Likes, comments etc on various devices like mobile, desktop, laptop etc are increasing and this is surely hampering our productivity. Do tell me how many of you agree to the below diagram.

Quit counting fans, followers and blog subscribers like bottle caps. Think, instead, about what you’re hoping to achieve with and through the community that actually cares about what you’re doing Amber Naslund, Social Media Today

What used to be earlier as coffee breaks or cigar breaks are now turning into Facebook breaks or twitter breaks. I can assure, you are not alone. Think again and try to become a normal person again :).

Think like a publisher, not a marketer David Meerman Scott

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15 Responses to “Picture Post: Social Networking Depression”

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  2. Sindhura says:

    100% true, It is like any other addiction (like gambling) which raises the ego etc., takes of the valuable time. If it exceeds so called socialing will turn into anti-socialising. It must be used in limits. One must adopt having self-control and set some boundaries of accessing the social networking sites.

  3. Sudeepta says:

    Very true, Sir. Glad to find myself in the “Normal Person” category.

  4. Absolutely, agreed with you. I don’t check FB during office hours, but I do check twitter, reason being – I like to keep connected like minded tech community members and want to do good read :)

  5. Sumit Gaud says:

    Its very true. Once I had removed my facebook account to avoid this habit.

  6. SQLWorld says:

    I agree with your statement 100%. Ive been guilty of looking at Other peoples posts on Twitter while working losing productivity time. Generally, I think the basis of Social networking syndrome stems from the strong urge to be socially “accepted” along with the invention of new high speed mobile phone technology. The urge to feel accepted is coupled with the urgency to observe an impact with friends and followers with ideas, thoughts. I personally think all social networking has become are sites for the ego-seekers, ego-boosters and the stalkers.

  7. Pinal Dave says:

    That is so true – moment of truth!

  8. manasdash says:

    This is absolutely right , so I have promised myself I will not access this during office hours and doing this since long time. Its very much addictive because we as human being are interested for appreciation …a like … or a good comment :)

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