Year 2012–a quick recap December 31st, 2012

Vinod Kumar

Looking back

It has been an exciting long year with loads of learning and sharing. I thought to share what is in my mind in general as we close this year. In this blog post I plan to share the various things we have done in this blog. I am amazed of the fact that we took some new initiatives and I am glad to see some great responses from each readers like you. This is a moment to say thanks to each and every one out here reading this post. I get inspired because of your positive comments. So please keep showing the love you have given me till date in the years to come too.

SQL Saturday 116–Thanks ALL

We started the year with the first ever SQL Saturday in India at our Bangalore UG. This was something we planned for more than 3+ months and was glad to execute this first thing in Year 2012. I am sure you are about to ask me when is the next one. We surely are thinking about this with various stakeholders. We don’t have concrete plans yet, but something is on the cards and minds of people – trust me :).

Management topics

I started writing regularly on Management related topics and this year I have started sharing much more openly on some of the views I carry strongly. This was a bold but a cautious move personally because I was not sure how my readers will react. I am happy with the results and I am glad you folks liked these topics and you have supported me much more openly via your constructive comments. I think this trend will continue even in year 2013 and I plan to write many more topics that I feel are worth a thought. I have consolidated the some of these posts in my Popular Posts section.

SQL Server 2012 Release

This was a the simplest thing and the easiest thing when it comes to writing blogs on a technical topic. This release meant I had loads of fun exploring new things and then sharing with readers. I think we shared some really good content on some really cool new features this year. As I explore more of SQL 2012, they will surely get featured here in this blog. Trust me :). Some of the posts for reference are:

Upgrading to SQL Server 2012

Contained Databases inside SQL Server 2012

Page Restore Dialog in SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012: THROW your errors

SQL Server 2012: ColumnStore Characteristics

SQL Server 2012: Offline Logs viewing

Monitor High CPU with Extended Events in SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012: Using SEQUENCE

SQL Server 2012: Finding Sequence of backup taken

SQL Server 2012: Offline Documentation

SQL Server: Database Recovery Advisor

SQL Server 2012 : SSMS Tips

SQL Server 2012 – Too many VLF and Performance

TechEd India 2012

It has been now 9 years that I have been part of TechEd in India and I eagerly look forward to TechEd 2013 as it would mark my 10 years association with this brand. Over the years I have been very happy that deep technical content have been discussed and we have been able to excite the crowd year-after-year with new content. So here are the posts around TechEd 2012.

TechEd India 2012: Online Indexing Enhancements

TechEd India 2012: SQL Content Extravaganza

TechEd 2012: MTC India @ TechEd

TechEd India 2012: SQL Server Internals

TechEd India 2012: Architecture Track

Picture Posts

This was a humble try in doing something different. I didn’t know I will be able to take it longer than I expected. But the fact remains, I have loads of ideas that you have provided that are worth mentioning via a picture. These are mini-posts in my opinion but driving some powerful message. It is tough to create a crisp compelling concept via pictures. If you haven’t seen these posts, well feel free to check my Picture Post section for past posts. Would love to hear your feedbacks and suggestions and I will try to incorporate the same. I already have more than 15+ posts done on various topics.

SQL Server Basics Topics

Most of the times I love to explore to what SQL Server has to give me. And many of my posts in the past 1 year have been on explaining some core concept in an detailed way when it comes to SQL Server 2012. Having said that, I have been quizzed by many about the basics and this triggered the concept of “Basics series”. In the last one quarter, I have seen the most viewed topics have been my Basics series. I am happy to write many more in the coming year and look forward for your support.

SQL Server: Database Basics

SQL Server: Database Page Basics

Concurrency basics

SQL Server: Locking basics

SQL Server: Storage Engine Basics

SQL Server: Transaction Logs and Recovery

SQL Server: Basics of Database Snapshot

SQL Server: TempDB Basics

Bangalore UG started

One of the biggest announcement which is worth mentioning over this blog is that, we started the Bangalore SQL Server UG officially and we have had two UG meets so far with great turn over. If you are interested in knowing about our group – Join SQLBangalore over facebook. There is so much to share and learn and this group has some finest of people from GTSC, PFE, MCS and community. Thanks again for supporting, contributing, sharing and engaging in the groups page. Join the group, I can assure you loads of learning for sure.

Personal SLA

What has been my SLA? Well, it was not a new year resolution but more of a self control to see if I can write 2 blog post every week in a consistent way. Must thank Pinal for the continuous source of inspiration even till date. I think since April atleast 90% of the time I have written 8 or more blog posts every month till date. In order to keep myself busy with topics, I have used various techniques as mentioned above. If you have any specific series that you want me to take a stab – well, drop your comments and I will try to write about them.

Finally, thanks for reading this far !!! Feel free to subscribe to my blog via email, and thanks to the 200+ people who have already subscribed. Thanks to all my followers and readers via RSS and Twitter. Last but not the least – I take this opportunity to wish each and every one a fun filled safe happy New Year 2013.

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14 Responses to “Year 2012–a quick recap”

  1. Great Flashback !! Very Happy and Brighter New Year Sir !!

  2. Govindaraj says:

    Your picture posts series and the management topics are inspiring one
    Looking forward more management lessons and technical blogs from you.
    Wishing a very happy and prosperous New Yer 2013.

  3. Congratulations on such a wonderful contributions to the community in the last one year. It has always been a great and wonderful learning experience reading your blogs. Looking forward to more management lessons & blogs from you (along with the technical ones) in the coming year.
    Wish you a happy new year 2013…!!! Have a wonderful and fun filled year ahead..!!

  4. Paras Doshi says:

    Awesome! I have enjoyed your picture posts series as well as the management topics plus everything technical!

    Happy new year! And I look forward to continue reading all you have to post in 2013!

  5. siva says:

    Hi Vinod,

    I m learning alot from you as technical and personal also its really helpful to people some of the blogs are inspearing to people,its really wonderful work.

    wish you happy new year & Wel come to 2013


  6. Pinal Dave says:

    Many Congratulations for excellent year – I am honored to have your friendship even though we are sailing on different mothership.

    Truly fortunate to work with you and yeah – next year is even better and bigger! I promise!

  7. Many Congratulations on meeting the personal SLA! It’s been a wonderful year with excellent, knowledge-filled (as usual) posts from you! Have a Happy & Prosperous New Year 2013.

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