Windows Phone 8 features I love using May 23rd, 2013

Vinod Kumar

I was tracking the various hits made to this blog and I found one of the most sought after post was around the tip: Tip: Get “Me Tile” back on Windows Phone. Sometimes it is not that easy to discover new hidden features when it comes to Windows Phone. In this blog post, let me call out some of these hidden gems I discovered and love using daily.

This by any chance is not an exhaustive list but my top loved features which I felt is worth sharing. Do let me know if you explored and found anything interesting playing around with your Windows Phone 8.

PS: Some of these features will not be available on older version (pre-Windows Phone 8).

Kids Corner

Kids generally love smart phones. And the worst is they tend to dial out numbers, post over FB and what not. This is my favorite feature when showing off the Windows Phone. To access Kids Corner:

  1. Select “Settings” from Applications.
  2. Scroll down to “Kids Corner” option.
  3. Enable it using the slider.
  4. Add Applications to what has to be seen in Kids Corner.

To access Kids Corner, You can launch it from the above screen. Or When your Phone is in Locked mode, Just slide the screen left – the Kids Corner is launched.


Font Size

When my dad uses the phone, he prefers having larger fonts and I was pleasantly surprised to see this option. To access this option:

  1. Goto Application List.
  2. Select “Settings”.
  3. Check to “Ease of access”.
  4. Under “Text size”, use the slider to increase the size.
  5. See the sample text and increase the font size to your desire.

Interestingly, this is the same place where we can find “High Contrast” options too. Do try to play around with this.

Rooms and GROUps

This feature allows for creating your own private group to share photo’s, calendar, text messages and more. Have you ever explored this?

Instead of the steps, I am attaching a video for reference. I hope you will use this.

Attach more to messages

To add more to messages, Tap on messaging – select the small “Clip” at the bottom to attach a number of options. The screen comes up as below:


If you have the appropriate data plan, this should work just fine.

Upload to SkyDrive

This is my favorite feature for me since Windows Phone 7. When you take pictures, allow it to automatically upload into Skydrive. To enable this:

  1. Goto Applications, select “Photo”.
  2. Select the more option “…” from the bottom.
  3. Select “Settings” on this screen.
  4. Under “Auto upload”, select “SkyDrive”

From now on, any photo or video you take will automagically gets stored onto your SkyDrive.

Text Reply to Phone call

Assume you were in an important meeting and wanted to

To configure pre-defined texts

  1. Under Applications, select “Phone”.
  2. Select the more button “…”
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Enable “Text reply”.
  5. Click “edit replies”.
  6. Modify the replies to suit your needs.
  7. Next time when a call comes, select “text reply”, this pops up the stored relies. In single click it send the message to person who called. Simple, yet powerful.

So here were my Top 6 feature list I thought were worth sharing. There are many more like cloud backup, applications etc which I will keep it for a different post. If you are using Windows Phone 8 – what is your most used and loved feature?

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  1. The first feature or rather app(which i think comes by default) i used and loved about my WP8 was the “transfer my data”. Migrating my contacts and messages from my old Symbian mobile to this was done via bluetooth jus in a click. Never experienced such a smooth migration to new phone

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