What does it take to Blog? November 26th, 2013

Vinod Kumar

Offlate I have a number of folks who are on my FB list asking me how I manage to write something every single day with Good Morning messages. The idea of writing is a state of mind, it is the will power to do something consistently, every single day without any strain or stress. To become an efficient writer, it is about knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Let me give you my take using simple steps:

1. Build your Routine

The biggest thing about writing is to make time for writing. I am sure everyone has a full-time job, so write daily, write routinely, write often and write consistently.

2. Create your mindmap

Before you write, think what you want to write and how you want to lay out your thoughts. Write your outline and what message you want to convey as part of each post.

3. Draft it to Rewrite

Once your have your rough outline, it is important to draft out some of the content that you want to land. Don’t try to edit as you write the first time. The first draft must capture your flow of thoughts. So just dump your thoughts.

Once you have that, read the content and reword accordingly. Few people have a tendency to rest their first draft for 2-3 days, they sleep over the article. With each hour that passes, the article gets better.

4. Look for Positive intent

As you read your draft, make sure there are no negative tone in your article. I personally feel this is an important part. As you write about a topic, the inner voice might pull you down – don’t fall into this trap. There are 1000’s out there who still want your perspective on the same topic which is out there in 1000 other article. So don’t let the negative thoughts/people pull you down.

5. Be Confident

Every writer doesn’t start confident, there is always a sense of insecurity as they write. It is all part of the game. As you keep writing, you will feel fine. You will keep writing and you will gain confidence. Just chip it, day after day every single day.

6. Read everyday

As writers, read as much as possible. I personally read quite a bit. I get inspiration from a number of books. I read these books to know how one structures their thoughts and there is lots to learn from people around you. It helps in our writing styles too.

As I wrap up this article. Let me end it saying – just get in front of your computer and start writing. The best way you can become a writer is to start refusing to listen to own excuses. Trust me, writing is never easy – I would say stop procrastinating. Your best inspiration is the urge to share – sit down and write: Don’t wait.

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  1. Thirumurugan says:

    Hi Vinod,
    Nice Article Vinod Sir.

  2. Very very impressive post sir

  3. Great Post Vinod .. Tips to stick and grow with.. put in simple words

  4. Ramu says:

    very useful one …. Thank you very much sir.

  5. Very helpful and very inspiring post.
    Golden line is “… start refusing to listen to own excuses.”

    Thanks Sir :)

  6. Another inspiring article, Vinod! You have surely inspired many people to blog and I am one of those, many, people :-)

  7. Sandip Pani says:

    Hi Vinod,
    Thank you for this post.


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