Lost era for this generation children May 5th, 2014

Vinod Kumar

It has been busy last month with GIDS and tons of other activities. On the personal fronts, it was a great feeling to see my daughter become 7th month old :). And with each passing day and night – there is something new to discover and explore with her. As I see her grow, there are so many things that come to my mind – how was my childhood and what is my daughter getting into as her childhood. This deep thought that they are a new generation having their own childhood dreams to realize. I am so much biased with the fact that they have missed so much of our childhood experiences which they will never get anywhere. I want her to spend and enjoy the times with her grandparents as she learns some of the life lessons that have been passed on for generations.

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser – John W. Gardner

So what was my childhood memories? So I wanted to cherish and remember those old times which are worth a mention here. I miss them so much – I want them back so that my daughter can experience atleast few of these in this era.

I know this generation has everything in its hands – from technology and resources. But these life lessons are sometimes learnt and enjoyed if you are from an generation older. There is a lot of Indian context to some of the experiences below – let me know if you want to add few more?

1. The symbiotic relation between an cassette and a pencil :)

2. Sunday reading time involved these witty novels. Not to forget Amar Chitra Khatha and others.


3. Family time mostly involved a game of carrom board. I wonder how many still have this at their homes.

4. The stains in pockets, the sprinkling of ink and the most cherished “Hero” pens. Were a fascination of lost era.

5. Well, my movie times / TV times were never complete without – “I am the power – He Man”,  “Mickey and team”, Tennali Raman and others. I still want to show this to my daughter.










6. My dad got a Television home in the late 80’s and the hypnotic tunes of Doordharshan resonate in my minds even today. Not to forget the Sunday gala of Surabhi, Chitrahaar, Rangoli and others. Still nostalgic – want to recall it here.

7. Call it trunk calls or the then fancy dial pads. These phones were so much fun.

8. Coins collection. This is like a lost art amongst children nowadays. I still have lots of these old coins just to show my daughter, there were other denominations other than 1Rs and above :).


9. Playing carrom in school was always with Pencils. This was a favourite passtime in our school days.

10. I got introduced to Computers early 90’s and the fascination to play games never died. From Dave and Prince of Persia – my computer journey would never be complete :). And when networking was possible – the game of roadrash still fancies me.


11. Being a super hero to adjust the antenna was a favourite pass time. Those were the days of bravery to climb the rooftops :)

12. A Hot Wheels toy in a boys life – how can that be. My dad still tells me, I used to always carry one in my hands it seems.

13. Playing with magnets, bring sand and get some dust to get shapes always fascinated me. These games are still interesting today.

14.  With the era of emails, the need to write and collect stamps are long gone. Can you recollect when was the last time you got a post with a stamp on it?

I am not saying these are not available in this generation. I know these experiences are slowly changing taking a new dimension with technology enhancements. Having said that, I am sure my daughter will read this some day – I have one sentence for you dear –

There are no perfect fathers, but as a father I will love you perfectly.

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4 Responses to “Lost era for this generation children”

  1. Basava says:

    Great to travel down the memory lane of what we used to play, we didnt had much choice. Things were always simple and we had our fun.
    Today’s child has lots of gizmos in front of him, tons of apps, hundreds of TV channels, really mind boggling which makes him scratch his head.

  2. Sureshkumar says:

    Good one

  3. Gajalakshmi says:

    Photocopy of my mind’s feelings ! Great that got documented !

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