Don’t sell, solve the problem May 30th, 2014

Vinod Kumar

I have been working at the MTC for the past 3+ years as Technical Architect and the learning experience has been amazing. As part of my daily work we solve some of the toughest customer problems from performance, scalability, deployment, architecture, solutioning, best practices and more for big enterprises to product companies. Most of the customers are brought-in by our Sales team and when the customer experiences MTC, they get a different perspective of MS. So what are we doing differently. As part of my picture post, I have been wanting to pen down this thought process so that you will get a better idea.

Typical Sales mindset

Most of the sales teams are focused and start their discussion with Product / License and SKU’s in mind. Many are obliterated of what the problem they are solving end of day. They are worried about their sales quota to achieve for the quarter etc. I would put a typical mindset of a salesperson as following.

PS: I know not all salesman are like this, but just a general majority’s thought process.

MTC Architects Mindset

At MTC, we always start a conversation asking – “What is the problem?”. This is totally different way to start any conversation with customers. We make sure we have all the requirements, challenges and problems on the table and then we approach a solution as a whole. Rarely do we try to talk about specific product features unless it solves a problem for our customers. We want to make sure customers get the maximum value out of the solution and we want to be complete in our approach.

This is a simple workflow that I thought was worth sharing like a picture post. Do let me know if you have experienced something similar in your daily life or organizations that you work for. Does this make sense? Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. That’s great. It is a kind of footprints for me to follow. Thanks.

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