Things that Cellphones changed … July 1st, 2014

Vinod Kumar

The era of cellphones and smartphones have hit us by storm for sure. Each manufacturer is surely trying to put something more every time with every release that they make. Having said that, I come from an era where I feel these cell phones have gone lengths to be more than just a calling machine. In this blog post let me call out my top 10 things we lost at our homes with the advent of cellphones/smartphones.

1 & 2: Watches and Alarm clocks


What can I say here. This I am sure a lot of you can relate to. Nowadays time is never seen using wrist watches but using the phones more often. I don’t recollect when was the last time you even bought a watch? Do you?

3. Calculators

From Minimal to scientific / advanced calculation, one can use their phones to perform all calculations and this nice little gadget is slowing getting replaced in front of our eyes.

I can say with confidence that my engineering was never complete without that Casio Black Calculator. Do you have one at home still?

4. Memorizing Phone Numbers

This is also no brainer – When was the last time you dialled a number of your cousin, aunt or grandparents without consulting your phones? The days of smart phones are to make you less smarter :).

Today, I see ads saying you must teach your children your phone numbers etc. Remembering numbers was always fun and it sharpened ones memory power in my opinion.

5. Encyclopedias

My childhood was filled with these books and there used to be a refresh that I got every other year.

Encyclopedia and Dictionary were household items which are getting replaced by search engines and Wikipedias. And with smartphones, all this at your finger tips.


6. Reading books

I was not an avid reader in my childhood days, but caught onto it very late. Having said that, I love the smell and the feel of reading printed books quite a lot. Even today I order a number of books every other month.

With the concepts of eReaders and larger screen sizes, now smartphones seem to take that spot too. Reading on the go !!!



7. Selfie or Celfie’s

I don’t need to explain much here. Gone are the days where on used to carry a still-camera to take pictures. I do have one at home to show my daughter once she grows up that we used to take pictures using that :).

8. Navigating using maps

It used to be fun to go around the city using a piece of paper and I for sure used to love this experience. I find it difficult for people to now tell directions without the help of their GPS devices – a.k.a phones. More so that they even cant tell which side is East or West :)

9. Fountain Pens

I have always loved the personalization of a hand writing brings. It showed a lot of care for the other person.

Today one can access Facebook on the go and the days of sending a personal note to your friend via the traditional cards is rare.

I am still from an old school, but I love this personalization even today.


10. Distracted life

I saved the best for the last, our morning walks are distracted, our driving are getting distracted, our lunches are distracted, we cant just sit calmly at airport and watch enjoy the weather. Our smartphones have also taken over our life where every minute is watching something on our phones or playing a game.

As I sign off, wanted to share this video– it is about social life. I personally thought this was worth a share.

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3 Responses to “Things that Cellphones changed …”

  1. Suman Jha says:

    This is awesome blog for our life-style..and nice video collection…

  2. Rahul says:

    Good summary!
    I feel last one needs a separate blog-post. :)

  3. Nakul Vachhrajani says:

    I couldn’t agree more – especially on the last part. Our whole life is one a huge distraction. It’s almost like an addiction to stay online every minute of the day.

    There are still some things where cell phones have not invaded my life – e.g. using the watch/alarm clock and reading books – I am (proudly) old-school in these things.

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