Where has he gone !!! July 28th, 2004

Vinod Kumar

If you were wondering where I have been and not blogging :) … Have been having a terrible time with flu and cold. And in a matter of fact in a weeks time there seems to be tons of announcements and I need to catchup with :)

1. Finally the much awaited SQL Server 2005, Beta2 is out. Out for MSDN Universal Subscribers.

2. My site ExtremeExperts completes its One year !!! Its a big news for me to share :).

3. SQL Express Beta2 refresh is also out. Check here for upgrade details from Euan and his team.

4. Framework 2.0 runtime from MSDN Downloads.

5. NUnit 2.2 Beta : Interestingly works on .NET Framework 2.0.

I seem to have quite a bit of catch up to do … Hopeing to start writing more on SQL Server 2005 from next week. Taking off on a trip to Goa this weekend.



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