Shrink VPC Image October 30th, 2004

Vinod Kumar

I had this unique requirement that I had to compact a .vhd image file as it had grown too big. Was looking for a feature in VPC to do this trick for me. A bit of searching amde me come to an conclusion that this was not possible. But during a quick ping with Deepak Gulati (ISV Evangalist), found this link to VPC SP1 and its capability to Virtual Disk Precompactor. This was a big boon. Thanks DG.

Here we go to how this works. VPC SP1 includes Virtual Disk Precompactor, a utility that is designed to “zero out”—that is, overwrite with zeros—any available blank space on a virtual hard disk. Now getting very important HDD space back to the host OS. First run the precompact command in the VPC Image disk. This will zero out the blank space. And once done, shutdown the image disk. Get to the host machine, VPC console -> File -> Virtual Disk Wizard. In the same select existing disk and select the VPC .vpd file and select the “Compact it” option. Thats it. The free space is given back to the host machine. Thanks MS for the option.

PS: It is a time consuming process though. But works for sure:). All the best and do install the VPC SP1 to get this new feature.


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