Strange but true May 3rd, 2005

Vinod Kumar

You might have noticed I changed the skin for my blog. But this was in experiment to find out why the galleries thing didnt work for me. And Rakesh (Fellow MVP) told me the skin I am using can be a problem. And guess what it worked. Thanks buddy !!!

Now you can catch the Asia MVP Global Summit Snaps from the gallery too :).


People I’ve reverted the skin again. Even though the


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2 Responses to “Strange but true”

  1. Vinod kumar says:

    Hey Rakesh,

    I did try that. But the problem is that I didnt get the "Enter code" option on my comments and guess what I got around 40 mails in 2 hrs by comments spam. So I decided to revert the same.

    I need to work it with Bryant on this.

    Vinod Kumar

  2. Rakesh Rajan says:

    As I said earlier, try with the AnotherEon1 skin – it’s also similar to HabaHaba you are using now.

    – Rakesh

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