Same day two years back September 19th, 2005

Vinod Kumar

hmmm … Thought to have a space for myself today. So same day two years back, I started writing to this blog. It is amazing to see I have made more than 600+ posts on this blog and and still going strong. Its really a nice experience to have a blog. I have made a lot of friends who share the same passion as mine … SQL Server … Most important thing is to have a sustained posting effort. I have had my own lazy reasons to this. But I bet I will try to keep this active and alive moving forward …

SQL Server 2005 is a big beast and I am sure in the years to come I will have lots to upload over my website. I am presently at the US on a official trip but I will be making it to the SQLPASS Summit at Dallas. So all you readers who might be at the summit, surely do try to bump into me at the Summit days from Sep 28th to Sep 30th.

Lastly, thanks for reading my blog and do feel free to write a line of what you think of this blog !!! Would be more than happy to hear your inputs and views …

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2 Responses to “Same day two years back”

  1. DC says:

    have known you for a little over four years and I know that your passion for SQL Server is definitely more than two years :)

    Keep it going NT :)

  2. Tom says:


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