Back to homebase June 17th, 2007

Vinod Kumar

After a wonderful 3 hectic days I am back to Bangalore and it feels really good. But there is tons of work pending and this week is gonna be hectic too … But I will get my summary of TechMela in a couple of days with the links. An hey dont forget to attend my webcast series scheduled for this week too.

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3 Responses to “Back to homebase”

  1. Hi Vinod,

    Kudos to you and your TechMela team. That was one of its kind event. We really enjoyed each and every minute of the event.

    Thank you again for a wonderful event & specifically, your sessions which were highly informative & easy to understand.


    Shankar Srinivasan
    24×7 Software Technologies

  2. vinodkumar says:

    All the presentations will be up on the TechMela website in a months time.

    Vinod Kumar

  3. Bhuvana says:

    Yeah, Even I was back to chennai, I just want to know is there any common place where I can find the presentations/content of techmela?


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