Coding4Fun Developer Kit August 11th, 2007

Vinod Kumar

Coding4Fun Developer Kit 2008 Vol 1 (BETA) is a collection of tools which have been developed to abstract the complexity of doing software development using common Windows Vista APIs. The kit features include drag ‘n drop controls and components, SmartTags, Visual Basic and Visual C# source code for all tools and samples as well as complete QuickStarts and APIs documentation.

The Coding4Fun Developer Kit 2008 Vol 1 (BETA) includes the following tools:

  • Bluetooth – implements 3 profiles: Serial Port, File Transfer and Object Push; plus provides Device Discovery and Service Discovery features of Bluetooth
  • Windows Vista Contacts – abstraction of the Windows Contacts API allowing developers to use Windows Vista’s Contacts data store plus support for importing and exporting vCards, searching for contacts and many more features
  • Messaging – this collection provides developers an easy to use set of tools and easy to follow documentation to create applications that use SMTP and POP3 features for emailing
  • Power Management – gain access in a simple way to cool Windows Vista Power Management features like rebooting, hibernating and locking a computer; get battery status on a laptop too

and many more … Get it from CodePlex

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