About Me December 30th, 2010

Vinod Kumar
SQL Server Evangelist

Vinod Kumar M

There is nothing special about this blog. Even though I love SQL, I am a big supporter of how technology enable customers to realize their dreams. In that sense I read from networking, management, SQL Server, MS Technologies, Search engines to anything that captures my interest. I use this blog as an avenue to share what I read, try and feel about SQL and other technologies.

Most of what I want to share are part of my web space at: www.ExtremeExperts.com. Apart from that I write for other magazines and try to make an online presence given an opportunity. I love to meet people and spread the word of using technology the right way.

Oct-06 was a turning point for me as I joined Microsoft as a Technology Evangelist with a core focus on databases and technologies I love to work :). Interestingly there is a lot to share and I hope to keep with pace …

Now Jan-2010 marks the next leap I am going to make inside of MS itself. I joined the vibrant MTC Team in Bangalore and more about what I plan to do is now public. I now work as an MTC-Technology Specialist and hence my areas of focus is going to get even more broad. So expect that to reflect over my blogs too.

All the more reasons why I had to move into this new blog space … Change is the only constant and I am committed to being here … As a change process, I moved to this new blog spot at the stroke of 2011 New Year (http://blogs.extremeexperts.com/2010/12/31/my-blog-new-home/). Thanks …

Lastly, this is MY own space to express MY own views and these are not representation of what my employers views. Had to put that disclaimer …

BTW – Lots of people have been asking what I do as an Evangelist :) … As I was browsing for a proper quote I got into Wikipedia just as most of you.

An evangelist promotes the use of a particular product or technology through talks, articles, blogging, user demonstrations, recorded demonstrations, or the creation of sample projects.” – Source

I think this very much sums up what I do. You can always see us being there to Help and not to Sell :). And we do a lot more customer centric activities that is not quoted above which constitute another 70% of our time … Fundamentally, a lot or fun at work and tons and tons of reasons to read and create content for YOU !!!

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11 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Sanjay Bakshi says:

    Hi Vinod,

    I was reading your article form last 2 years and got a chance to get the knowledge from you in SQL Bangalore Session.I believe that you are an ocean of knowledge who is spreading his knowledge to others. Please continue with your knowledge sharing.

    There are so many things I have learned which I can not learn from books.

  2. Avinash reddy m says:

    your are always a legend u have an unlimited knowledge on microsoft technologies your articles are much more useable to folks

    thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts

  3. Hi Vinod,

    I am a big fan of your articles .

    Keep on continuing publishing. I just went through your article “Upgrading to SQL 2012” That’s just awesome and I would like to appreciate your dedication and hard work.

    Thanks for everything.

  4. Mohanraj says:

    I had discussion with you and Mr.Pinal Dave for fine tuning the application performance.

    It was great experience for me.

    The way of interacting and communicating with the people is very nice.

  5. SIJIN KUMAR V P says:

    ME attended your sessions @Tech-Ed 2012.
    It was awesome and great.Me left the venue with some great experiences,
    that is one of the best ones I’ve had in a long time.Thanks you..!!!

  6. Subash Manickam says:

    Dear Vinod,

    I have bought the SQL interview book 2 days back and i have started reading it now. I have few questions with SSIS fuzzy grouping which i am working now? How can i send the questions to you? Is it possible to guide me to resolve the issue?

    With Regards,
    Subash Manickam

    • Vinod Kumar says:

      Great Subash. The SQL Server Interview Questions book is a guide predominantly written for the SQL Server relational engine. We have very limited content geared towards the SSIS, SSRS and SSAS fronts. BI is a very large area and we couldnt give justive to that massive content in a 200 pages book. We ideally would love to release a SQL Interview Questions for BI professionals – but that is a mammoth exercise :) …

      My twitter id is @vinodk_sql if you need to reach me.

  7. Chintan Shah says:

    I attended your sessions at CTD, Ahmedabad. They were very informative. How can I contact your for any questions?

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