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InfoPath 2007 Sample: Training Labs August 22nd, 2007

Vinod Kumar

Step-by-step training and downloadable samples illustrating Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 features. Download it here.

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2007 Office System Sample: Visual Studio Code Snippets for the Office Fluent UI August 21st, 2007

Vinod Kumar

This download includes Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual C# code snippets for use when customizing Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, and Microsoft Office Word 2007. Download and install these snippets to your Visual Studio code snippet folder and use them with the Visual Studio Code Snippets Manager. Download it here.

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Tip: Outlook commandline Options August 16th, 2007

Vinod Kumar

I have always seen that many of the GUI programs have command line parameters for startup. I found this cool two parameters that are very useful when working in offline mode for Outlook.

 Starts Outlook without checking mail at startup.
 Starts Outlook with the Reading Pane off.
These are wondeful because esp when I am at the airport etc and opening outlook I generally dont want to have the readning pane and dont want to automatically TRY to connect to server for updates. These two options are cool !!!


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OBA resources July 27th, 2007

Vinod Kumar

OBA is one buzz word that is catching the market very much. Fundamentally, OBA is one of the ways to build task centric, role based applications using the end-user assets currently used in the IT infrastructure within an Org. So there have been tons and tons of these reference materials available over MSDN and other locations. I am just listing some of them over this post.

5 Reference Architecture Packs or RAPs which are a combination of both vertical and horizontal industry scenarios.

a. OBA RAP for Financial Service Loan Origination:

b. OBA RAP for Manufacturing Plant Floor Operations:

c. OBA RAP for Public Sector E-Forms processing:

d. OBA RAP for Health Plans:

e. OBA RAP for Price Management:

Some of the industry vertical / horizontal scenario based MSDN homepages:

1. Financial Services Industry Center :

2. Banking Industry Center :

3. Manufacturing Industry Center :

4. Insurance Industry Center :

5. Life Sciences Industry Center :

6. Health Plans Industry Center :

7. Retail Industry Center :

8. Health Industry Center :

9. Public Sector Industry Center :


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OBA/VSTO Starter Kit July 24th, 2007

Vinod Kumar
This is the source code that accompanies the OBA/VSTO Starter Kit v. 1.0 installation article. This source code can be used to understand how you can build customized Office Business Applications (OBAs) using VSTO that integrate with SAP.

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